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Roof Type:


Roof Updated:

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Does The Dwelling Have A Pool?

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If Pool, Is It Fenced?

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If Pool, Is There A Diving Board?

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If Pool, Is There A Slide?

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Property Topography:


Foundation Type:


Protection Distance:

Is Dwelling in the Brush?

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Is there a Brush Hazard within (1) mile of Your Dwelling:

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If yes, has the Brush been cleared by 250 feet from all sides of Your Dwelling?


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Electrical Updated:

Circuit Breakers:

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Copper Wiring:

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Energy Source: 

Heating - Air Conditioning, Central?

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Fire District:

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Expiration Date of Current Insurance Policy:

Any Dogs on the Property:

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If Yes, Number & the Breed of Each Dog:


Any Other Pets-Animals on the Property:

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If Yes, Number & Description of Each Pet-Animal:

Losses-Claims in the last 5 years: 


If Yes, Date, Amount Paid & Description of Each Loss-Claim 




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Specific Structures (Coverage B):

Personal Property (Coverage C):

Loss of Use (Coverage D):

Premise Liability (Coverage E):

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